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sweet_voices's Journal

Sweet Voices
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Welcome to the infoarmation page for the community "Sweet Voices".

This community is a support group for all those people, young and old, fat and skinny, happy or morbid, sane and cazy, who hear voices.

Yes, voices. We all know the ones: Those cookies that your friend gave you sitting in your pantry that call out to you, That chocolate cake you've been dying to have a piece of, the food! The candy! We all know how it drives us crazy.

The voices we hear don't all have to be that of candy, though. If you hear babyback ribs calling your name in the grocery store, feel free to share as well. Hell, you may even have the kiwi whispering sweet nothings to you whenever you pass by it in the fruit isle.

This is a support group for everyone, just join!

You can submit stories of your creation, recipes, thoughts, complaints, anything really...

So enjoy your stay, and watch out for the cheese cake. It's very manipulative. =)